Kit Overview

Our kits are supplied with the finest brands in the industry and are the same products used by professional working makeup artists! You can read a blog post about our kits here!

Beauty Makeup, Airbrush, Special Effects and/or Hair Styling kits are necessarily contingent on the actual Certificate Program or Course(s) selected.  Unless otherwise indicated Kits are not included in tuition. The contents and brands of every kit are completely custom and hand-selected by the experienced and knowledgeable instructors at The Art of Makeup based on current industry trends and years of professional experience.

Products are supplied by professional industry suppliers at discounted rates. All kits are professional quality, ready to use competitively on any set or location for years and years to come!

Please see our Catalog for a full list of supplies included in each Kit and other kit ordering info, terms, and conditions.

Brands We Use

Professional Beauty Makeup Artistry Kit

The Beauty Makeup Artistry Kit includes makeup and tools for natural, classic, and dramatic beauty, fashion, print, runway, bridal, avant-garde, decade/period makeup, as well as film, TV, and stage.

Professional Beauty Kit is Necessary For:

Hair Styling Kit

The Hair Styling Kit includes professional quality brushes, combs, blow dryer, thermal tools, manikin head, styling products, aerosols, velcro rollers, pins, clips and tools necessary for film/TV/stage, editorial, bridal, men’s grooming, and period hair styles.

Hair Styling Kit is Necessary For:

Airbrush Kit

The Airbrush Kit includes a compressor (with coil hose and airbrush holder), airbrush gun, cleaner, cleaning kit, 244 fluid, foundation 12-pack kit, and a blush & highlighter 8-pack kit.

Airbrush Kit is Necessary For:

Out of the Kit FX Kit

The Out of the Kit FX (Special Effects) Kit includes all makeup items, adhesives, tools, latex, brushes, etc needed to create on site special fx such as bruises, cuts, burns, scars, tattoos, dirt, grime, and prosthetics.

Out of the Kit FX Kit is Necessary For:

Character & Special FX Kit

The Character & Special FX Makeup Kit is necessary to complete the 7-week Character & Special FX Makeup Certificate Program.  Includes alcohol palettes, clays, latex, bloods, fx brush set, paints, adhesives, respirator, rubber mask grease wheels, hair tying kit, different kinds of hair, sculpting tools and much more.

Character & Special FX Kit is Necessary For:

The Multimedia Master Makeup Artistry Kit

The Multimedia Master Makeup Artist Kit is necessary to complete the 15-week The Multimedia Master Program. Includes all items from every kit needed for Makeup Artistry Essentials and Character & Special FX Makeup programs.  The kit is a better value and there is no product redundancy.

The Multimedia Master Makeup Artist Kit is Necessary For:

Summer Makeup Camp Kit

The Summer Makeup Camp Kit includes: Foundation palette, lip palette, corrector palette, colorless powder, eyeshadow palette, blush palette, mascara, lip, brow and liner pencils, sharpener, brush set, brush cleaner, arterial blood, latex, bruise wheel, modeling putty wax, lashes, lash adhesive, gel liner, color wheel, mascara wands, sponges, alcohol, gelatin, cotton set, palette paper, makeup tissues, spatula.

Summer Makeup Camp Kit Options (pdf)

Summer Makeup Kit is Necessary For:

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