Why Choose The Art of Makeup

Why Attend The Art of Makeup School?

The Art of Makeup School provides instruction unlike any cosmetology or esthetician school, and can prepare students for professional careers in any area of makeup artistry. Classes are taught by makeup artistry professionals and industry leaders, and AofM graduates experience unparalleled networking, opportunities, and support.

Portland has become a booming commercial, advertising, fashion, theater, and film production city, and it is why students come from all over to seek an education in the Pacific Northwest and often stay. Portland is an inspiring, diverse, colorful and unique city, and a perfect backdrop to a creative career such as makeup artistry.

Enjoy Flexible Schedule Options

It’s easy to attend The Art of Makeup School thanks to the variety of time commitments available:

  • Workshops are 1-4 day events, usually ages 12+.
  • Courses are a collection of class hours, usually around 24 hours long.
  • Programs are a collection of courses, usually between 4 and 15 weeks long.

Explore a Variety of Topics

Our programming covers a wide variety of topics in the beauty and special effects world:

  • Master the fundamentals needed for media and production makeup artistry, which includes photo shoots, film, television, and stage productions.
  • Dive into the world of fashion makeup and prepare for celebrity events, runway shows, music videos, photoshoots, and more.
  • Discover how to transform the ordinary into the unforgettable with the world of character and special FX makeup artistry.
  • Become a jack-of-all-trades and explore career options in every genre of makeup artistry, from beauty to special effects.

Every year, our advisory board of industry specialists review and update the curriculum with our instructors. This keeps our school on the cutting-edge of the industry.

Build Your Career

  • Learn from working makeup artistry professionals and industry leaders, such Emmy award winning makeup artists.
  • Develop your portfolio with professionally shot photographs of your best looks.
  • Access a private job board full of makeup artist opportunities.

Expand Your Lifestyle

Anyone can enjoy our programs, include those who want to:

  • Prepare for a thrilling full-time career in makeup artistry.
  • Gain skills to support their other passions, from modeling to performing on the stage.
  • Embrace their love of all things beauty and take their personal skills to the next level.
  • Support their child’s passion for makeup artistry.
  • Shake up a monotonous schedule and try something new.

Access Budget-Friendly Options

  • Not everyone wants to make the steep financial commitment of aesthetician school or other such schooling. We strive to keep our school accessible for everyone, whether you are investing in your career or simply investing in your passion.

That’s Why We Offer:

  • One-time workshops, which are the most affordable option.
  • Customized program scheduling that ensures you only pay for what you truly need to know.
  • Supplies & kits that we get from professional industry suppliers at discounted rates, allowing us to pass the savings onto students. Students can also opt to use their own supplies.
  • Financing options that allow you to make easy monthly payments online.

Our History

The Art of Makeup is an independently owned boutique school dedicated to education in the art, business, and techniques of professional makeup artistry.

The Art of Makeup’s training and education environment provides the necessary foundation to learn makeup artistry skills from successful working makeup artists current in fashion and makeup trends, film, television, stage, special effects and HD makeup. The Art of Makeup is located in the Southwest area of Portland, OR and is licensed with the Oregon department of HECC (Higher Education Coordinating Commission).

Founded in 2012 by Los Angeles makeup artist and educator Celena Rubin, who relocated to the Pacific Northwest the year prior. As well as being a lead instructor, Celena also directs a team of instructors who specialize in different areas of makeup artistry. All instructors are successful working professionals and are highly regarded in the industry in their respective fields of specialization.

School Highlights

  • The Art of Makeup is quickly gaining national recognition.
  • Students from all over the US and world have enrolled in programs at The Art of Makeup.
  • The Art of Makeup teaches students with many different goals, whether for personal gain, hobby, or professional ambitions.
  • A photography studio is incorporated into the classroom to document each makeup look and images are supplied for portfolio building.
  • Classes suit all skills levels and are kept small for individualized attention.
  • The Art of Makeup’s education program is unique for the Pacific Northwest and will not be found in any esthetics or cosmetology school in the nation!
  • Local and discounted housing accommodation referrals are available for out of town students.
  • Payment plans and financial assistance are available.
  • The Art of Makeup is a proud member of the Oregon Media Production Association (OMPA) as well as Washington Filmworks, and is active in legislation to protect makeup artist rights.
  • The Art of Makeup is a career resource for local film production companies, filmmakers, theaters, models, actors, apparel brands, photographers and media professionals.
  • The Art of Makeup networks and engages with the local production industry community and connects students to paid and non-paid jobs and work experience.
  • The kits supplied for each class contain the most professional makeup and tools in the industry.
  • A Certificate of Completion is provided upon successful program graduation.
  • Certificate Program graduates are placed on a private job board where makeup jobs and opportunities are regularly posted to the group.
  • Graduates have worked with AofM collaboration partners such as Oregon Ballet Theater, Horizon Air, NW Film Center, OMSI and many indie productions. See Student Success Stories for examples.
  • The Art of Makeup is among the only schools in the Northwest eligible for the M.A.C. PRO Student Program and is an Urban Decay Pro Approved School.
  • See our Press page for recent features and videos in local and national media outlets.
  • During Covid times, sanitation and safety protocols are implemented and strictly practiced.

Celena Rubin

Founder & Director

Celena Rubin is a professionally trained working makeup artist from Los Angeles with over twenty years of experience in the field. Starting at the age of sixteen, she studied theater makeup at Hollywood High Performing Arts Magnet, and went on to study advanced makeup techniques during her university theater major. Celena then studied at a boutique private school with Emmy Award Winning makeup artist, David Dittmar, taking lessons from a successful working professional. Learning never stops though. Since then, she has taken many classes in FX, hairstyling, and more makeup! She has worked in theater, TV and film, print, commercials, advertising, music videos, runway and bridal. Celena has worked with some of the top celebrities and directors in Hollywood, and working for Good Morning America and 20/20, she has also worked with some of the top politicians in the country, including US Presidents and their families. Celena’s makeup work has been spotted in W, Oprah, Rolling Stone, Time, Vanity Fair and many more top publications throughout the world.

Always looking for diversity and new challenges, she became a guest teacher at the industry renown Cinema Makeup School in Hollywood, discovering her love of education. She then decided to move to the Northwest and open her own makeup school. Celena is an advocate for encouraging local production and protecting makeup artists rights. By working with her legislators, the makeup artist community, and industry leaders, she initiated Senate Bill 836, which was unanimously passed by both the Senate and House and introduced into law on May 17, 2013. Teaming up again with her legislators, an expansion to the bill, Senate Bill 699, was passed on July 3, 2015. Makeup artists who work in film, TV, stage and professional photo shoots are now able to apply makeup and style hair in Oregon without needing a cosmetology or esthetician license.

“You are the greatest teacher that I could have asked for! Finding your school was a little miracle for me, and I am so glad that I have had the good fortune of learning from you. All the students I have met who studied under you feel the same way, too. You really are an awesome teacher!”

~Lena W

Want to learn more?

Whether you are thinking about attending a one-time class or workshop, curious about career opportunities, or ready to apply for a certificate program spot we want to hear from you!