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The Art of Makeup is an independently owned and operated boutique school dedicated to education in the art, business, and techniques of professional makeup artistry.

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Whether you take a single-day class as a hobby or a full certificate program for a career in professional makeup artistry, The Art of Makeup School can be your creative space to learn, experiment, and grow as a makeup artist.

About Art of Makeup

Located in Portland, Oregon, The Art of Makeup School is dedicated to supplying quality education in the art, business, and techniques of professional makeup artistry for the film, television, theater, media, special effects and fashion industries.


All classes taught by experienced and professional working makeup artists specializing in the subjects that they teach. Character & Special FX program instructors include globally recognized award-winning Hollywood makeup artists.

Celena Rubin is a professionally trained working makeup artist from Los Angeles with over twenty years of experience in the…
Meet Our Instructors

Celena Rubin

Founder & Director
Kelli Gasaway graduated at Beau Monde College of Hair Design as a fully licensed cosmetologist. Not long after, she studied…
Meet Our Instructors

Kelli Gasaway

Linda Wong is one of our prized Art of Makeup School graduates! Before The Art of Makeup she already had…
Meet Our Instructors

Linda Wong

Alma is an experienced, bilingual professional makeup artist and hair stylist, who obtained a good portion of her education from…
Meet Our Instructors

Alma Cedillo

Guest Instructor
Christina is a professional multi-tasker and the owner of a successful freelance makeup artistry business called Eye Shine Beauty. A…
Meet Our Instructors

Christina Braun

Guest Instructor
Todd Debreceni of Special Makeup Effects for Stage and Screen: Making and Applying Prosthetics, is a Colorado-based special effects makeup artist who…
Meet Our Instructors

Todd Debreceni

Guest Instructor
A two-time competitor on the hit SYFY reality tv series, Face Off. Kevon specializes in FX makeup and creature design, and…
Meet Our Instructors

Kevon Ward

Guest Instructor
Diane Trapp has been doing hair and makeup for professional theatre productions since 1972. Diane is a proud member of…
Meet Our Instructors

Diane Trapp

Guest Instructor
At age 20, Michael Davis Peterson achieved a dream position in the Hollywood film industry as a Special Makeup Effects…
Meet Our Instructors

Michael Peterson

Guest Instructor
Alexander gained experience in the makeup industry from a young age, as his father, Alistair McPherson, worked as a Special…
Meet Our Instructors

Alexander McPherson

Guest Instructor
Rachael was destined to work in SFX makeup and prosthetics, which was showcased after she attended and trained at New…
Meet Our Instructors

Rachael Wagner

Guest Instructor

See our Student Success Stories

The Art of Makeup School is a resource for continued support and mentorship. Read more about some of the exciting career paths our graduates have taken.

Blog Posts

Read the latest news and information on The Art of Makeup School course offerings, guest instructors, and industry opportunities.

The Legendary Barbara Walters

Having worked for ABC network national news shows including 20/20 and Good Morning America for 17 years of my career, I have done makeup on many important people from our favorite celebrities that shaped our childhoods to presidents that shaped our country and our lives. However, when I’m asked “Who have you worked with?”, there […]

Student Success Story: Lisa Dennis

One of the wonderful things about being a makeup artist is that this career can take you to unimaginable places, meeting amazing people who inspire you, and creating unique career paths that still allow creativity, but in a way you may not have planned.  Lisa Marie Dennis hadn’t initially planned on the road she has […]

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The official course catalog for The Art of Makeup School includes program courses and descriptions, enrollment, and admissions policies, pricing, required supplies, and applicable terms & conditions.

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