• Student Success Story: Signe Larsen

    • November 20, 2019
    • Author | Celena Rubin

    In just over 3 months from graduating The Art of Makeup School, Signe Larsen is well on her way to a successful career in makeup artistry! Signe joined us for our June 2019 Character & Special FX program with an already impressive resume in relatable skills. Her passion began in theatre where she works as an actor and seamstress, and now makeup artist and all around creative genius.  This woman can make just about anything! She added The Art of Makeup School to her resume and skill set to broaden her job abilities not only in theater, but to work in the film industry and anything else she can get her hands on too, and she has.  Read on to find out some of the opportunities she has already grabbed from The Art of Makeup School job board!

    One of the many perks of being a graduate is our exclusive Job Board which remains a staple for maintaining our school as a reputable source for new talent while showcasing our top notch education. The Job Board helps kick start graduates’ careers with networking opportunities, paid work, and provides continuing on the job education and experiential opportunities.

    Signe’s very first job board experience was with a children’s acting studio called Acting for Kids and Teens owned by one of Portand’s most sought after actresses, Katie O’Grady.  Because of Ms. O’Grady’s professional experience in the industry it turned out to be an important relationship to make and has earned her several more jobs since.  Signe told us, “Thanks to my professionalism and good attitude during the two day shoot, the director has since contacted me for several more jobs, including the 50th Anniversary Portland Trail Blazers commercial played during the big game.”

    You can see the commercial here: Trail Blazers Commercial

    Another favorite job was doing a hair/beard application and makeup for a two day shoot with a Santa at Studio13 for an international smart phone app. Her professionalism again made such a great impression that she was asked to return the next week for a shoot with National Geographic. How AMAZING is that?!

    Most recently she teamed up with her fellow graduates Anita Blair and Pip Simon to work for Stumptown’s Zombie Con at the Whiskey Bar. It was a lucrative night for each artist as they were each paid by the event coordinators with an addition of charging a fee to attendees getting zombified!

    Another recent job board opportunity that the school has had connections with annually is with Kumoricon, a weekend fandom event held at the Oregon Convention Center. Signe had the opportunity to work with local and International Japanese designers for this year’s fashion show with instructor Linda Wong and current student Esmaya Wilson. Together they collaborated with the designers through a translator on cohesive looks for multiple collections.

    It’s always wonderful seeing our students thriving in our industry when they take advantage of our job board opportunities. It’s even more rewarding to watch our students working together and building each other up. Signe is a shining example that “it doesn’t take long to get yourself out there if you are persistent, professional, punctual, and pleasant.”