• Welcoming a new teacher!

    • May 17, 2018
    • Author | Celena Rubin
    Christina Braun

    We, at The Art of Makeup School, are always looking to invite talented and successful working makeup artists to share their unique skills by teaching classes included in our programs or by adding special workshops. Today we are thrilled to welcome guest artist Christina Braun to The Art of Makeup!  She is teaching our students how to create romantic beauty looks for editorial fashion, editorial bridal shoots, and runway makeup, during our Fashion & Media Makeup Class.

    Christina runs a successful freelance makeup artistry business called Eye Shine Beauty.  Eye Shine is all about helping people find the light that comes from within and showcasing it through personal confidence and self-reflection. Christina specializes in clean, honest, beauty makeup for fashion, commercial shoots, weddings, proms, and portraits.

    A year ago, Christina was working as a  Traveling Artistry Trainer with Smashbox Cosmetics, traveling from state to state between Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Alaska.  Smashbox would fly her to each location, and put her up in a hotel where she would have to train an audience of over 60 retail managers and artists at a time. She managed 150 Ulta Prestige and Sephora employees!  She booked all of the travel plans and accommodations herself, including flights, hotels, cars, and had to become a master of time management and coordination. She even made her own presentation videos for her training classes.  She learned how to pack and travel with an entire kit of Smashbox products that she needed for each presentation.   

    Christina was given a huge responsibility and was incredibly busy.  Although the career was exciting and adventurous, a year ago she decided she wanted to focus on her own business as a freelancer and left Smashbox to stay local. She is now taking her personal artistry to a whole new level focusing on healthy, confident beauty. Her own personal happiness comes from making others feel good about themselves.

    When I asked Christina if she had some advice for others she told me, “Having a positive attitude is the most important thing, and be happy with what you do in life.” She told me the executives at Smashbox all called her a ball of sunshine!  Christina’s exuberant and positive attitude leaves a lasting impression and is what helped lead her to success.

    How did we meet Christina? Four years ago she took some classes at The Art of Makeup! And like so many of our other students, she has maintained relationships with her classmates and even hired one of them to work for Smashbox Cosmetics.

    Welcome, Christina Braun! We are so happy to have you!

    You can see more of Christina’s work here.