• Virtual FX Workshop

    • January 5, 2021
    • Author | Celena Rubin

    Zombies & Broken Noses

    Virtual Zombie Workshop on Zoom

    Yes, 2020 was an insanely challenging year, but because of the limitations it brought, it also created opportunities for us to do things differently that we may not have done otherwise.  Before the threat of COVID-19, I was never interested in teaching classes online, but in order to adapt to the circumstances, I had to do it. I learned the new technology of Zoom, making videos on YouTube, Instagram TV, TikTok, and Reels, streaming on Instagram Live, Facebook Live, editing, using a webcam, and creating stellar lighting in an in home studio. Phew! I still have a ton to learn, but in the meantime I want to share one of these opportunities 2019 brought, and the many pictures I love so much!

    I was contacted by an organization of home schooled kids in Southern California that normally provides local field trips and social activities for home schooled kids, but because of the pandemic, they were looking for a virtual field trip to keep the kids connected with each other.  The kids participating were from ages 9 to teens, and they were looking for some fun Halloween type special fx makeup to match the season.  They didn’t have a big budget to spend on supplies, so I found a perfect inexpensive fx kit by Graftobian for them to purchase.  It included a trauma grease paint wheel, wax, blood, spirit gum, sponges and a brush.

    The challenge was coming up with 2 looks using these limited supplies.  I asked the students to supplement their kits with a black eyeliner and some tissue and cotton.  I chose 2 looks; a bloody broken nose with a cut and a black eye, and a zombie look with veins and rotting skin.  The kids were thrilled!

    If you’re wondering if the kids had a good time, think no more, read below what they had to say! In case you hadn’t noticed from the pictures of me, so did I!

    Student Feedback

    “Celena, Thank you so much for making zoom less of a drag and WAY more exciting. All of our events we have been offering thus far have had to be cancelled because no one wants to be on zoom anymore and they just want to see one another face to face…that being said we got plenty of students to fill the SFX course and I know for a fact that everyone had a great time. It was fun to be able to see one another’s creations and you did such a great job engaging with all of the students and guiding them through some simple yet complex SFX techniques. It was an absolutely perfect experience! Thank you for sharing your expert skills and your fun personality!” -Christina S

    “I wanted to let you know how much the students enjoyed the class. Here are some words of gratitude from others…”

    “Thank you for the super- fun special fx makeup class today! …thoroughly enjoyed the class and learned a few techniques to boost their gore factor. The instructor was wonderful – easy to follow and friendly”.

    “It is late in the afternoon and both boys still have their “faces” on. They are already planning to do each others faces this weekend” -Lynn S

    “…had so much fun and learned some great techniques! Such a cool, new activity!” – Renee M

    “…had so much fun creating the “broken nose” and “zombie” looks in today’s classes, and we got some AMAZING Halloween-themed photos afterward! It was a super day and the kids learned some pretty cool Hollywood-style techniques!” – Jenn J.