• The 45th NW Filmmakers Summit

    • November 4, 2018
    • Author | Celena Rubin
    Molly, Adonis, Tayler, Emma, and Lexine

    For the third year in a row, The Art of Makeup School has represented makeup artists in the local film community of Portland Oregon at the yearly Northwest Filmmakers’ Summit and Festival at The Portland Art Museum. How was this year different? We got to network with OMPA (Oregon Media Production Association) and will be expecting a personal visit from their executive director soon, but also this year we had more filmmakers visiting our booth all day long asking how they can get a hold of our student graduates to work on their film  and web series projects! After referring the first few to our student volunteers, Emma Resk and Tayler Lane who were there doing makeup demonstrations for attendees,  I passed out cards and told them about our student graduate job board email list. Graduates are placed on this exclusive email list for 18 months after they graduate, and whenever job opportunities come in they are emailed out to them.

    Lexine Keen doing a beauty demo on Emma Resk

    We also had several other student volunteers attend today, Adonis , Lexine, and Molly Clark. They all got a chance to practice doing special effects, character makeup, and beauty makeup taught in their makeup classes, and model under professional lighting with an HD camera shown on a large monitor that was provided by the Northwest Film Center. It’s always great hanging out with students and getting to know them outside of the classroom at these special events and being able to provide networking opportunities for them to advance their career as soon as they graduate. It’s so exciting to see them get work!

    Emma and Tayler booking their first short film!

    I will be looking forward to seeing some more independent film job board opportunities to post soon from yesterday’s event and I can’t wait to see who will be grabbing them!

    Molly Clark’s glass shard demo on Adonis Ralston with photo bomb by Tayler