• She’s not drunk, I swear!

    • September 5, 2013
    • Author | Celena Rubin

    It was tv/film character makeup day at Art of Makeup. The goal was to use makeup to create a character, rather than focus on the beauty of the makeup itself as we do in fashion. Everyone came to class with a story line behind their would be character creations. We started class telling our stories.

    In short, mine was a southern girl, from South Carolina to be precise, and she was mean. She was the mean girl in school that gave us artist types a hard time. She was popular and a cheerleader and she had been tormenting this poor, sweet girl for a long time. Well, the poor girl got even and decked her. That was my character creation.  I created a nice bruise on her cheek and a split lip.

    Now a student of mine, by coincidence, created another character that also came from the south. This girl was a party animal. She wore too much makeup and drank way too much. They could have been the same girl actually if you pressed forward on my character.

    Then the weird thing happened. The model/actress showed up. That would be Karmen Spiller. “Hiii, I’m the model todaaay. My naaame is Karmen.”

    The students and I looked at each other. Was this a joke? She had the strongest southern accent I had ever heard! “Where are you from I asked?”

    “South Carolina,” she answered. What? We stared. OK. Stranger things have happened.

    Having already made up my mean girl on Samantha, Karmen sat in Lena’s chair waiting to get “drunk.” The makeup was perfect, and what we didn’t expect was the immaculate acting talent from this southern belle. Amazing! We were in hysterics! Every single expression was different and equally perfect for a drunk girl.

    What a coincidence!