• Seattle, Doughnuts and the Challenges of Makeup!

    • May 2, 2013
    • Author | Celena Rubin

    I’m home! I just want to express the number one challenge of working on a set are all those dang doughnuts that keep showing up! Here I am working on a Clarisonic commercial while deep fried pimple inducing doughnuts are being served. So I indulged. Now I have pimples. I must use the Clarisonic now.

    The missing sprinkle half was consumed by me.

    So my next challenge (actually it was my first challenge, but I felt compelled to mention the doughnuts first) was the makeup room. The walls were painted a sort of aqua blue, which would have bounced right on to the model’s face while I was applying makeup. Fortunately, the DP brought a white bounce board to block the wall so I could have proper lighting. Why don’t these studios ever consult with makeup artists when they create the makeup rooms?

    Not conducive to great skin tone matching

    So you won’t believe this one. The model’s spray tan cracked all over her torso. She mentioned this after they decided to use her for a body shot. It looked like she was covered in stretch marks and I had to cover it. I looked in my kit, and I just didn’t have spray tan orange in my foundation palettes.

     In fact, I had nothing that orange. What to do? I grabbed my Ben Nye cream color wheel with the very bright orange, mixed it into foundation, and it was the perfect match. Whatever works!