• 44th Annual Filmmakers Summit

    • November 22, 2017
    • Author | Celena Rubin

    Hi Guys,

    My name is Megan Garcia and I am a recent graduate of the Master Class from the Art of Makeup School. I learned so much from the school and I made a ton of friends and although

    I am sad that the class is over, one of the great things about the Art of Makeup is that I get the opportunity to work on jobs around the Northwest area. Recently I was able to work at the 44th Annual NW Filmmakers Summit. This was an incredible experience because it allowed me to work with professional directors and learn how to take their vision and make it come to life. That was fun! One of the directors I worked with was filming a period piece, but he didn’t need makeup so I got to be one of the actors!  The second director was Ira Flowers and he wanted to do a black and white shoot, but the undertones were in the yellow-green zone because of the filter

    he put over the lens. We did all the makeup in yellow and green, like the lips and contour were green and the foundation, highlight, and eyeshadow was yellow, which at the end all the actors kind of looked a little moldy but that’s okay the end result was incredible! It was really cool to see how the green and yellow could transform to black and white! The third director I worked with was a woman and she was one of the few female directors there so I was happy to help and support her film! She only had one actor and she wanted her to be very goddess looking so two other makeup artists and myself worked together to bring this look to life. I helped my friend do the hair while the other girl did the makeup. Then there were no more directors needing hair and makeup so my friends and I went around and networked with some of the other studios, directors, or people showing off cameras and it was a lot of fun. I am glad I was given this opportunity and I really owe it to the Art of Makeup because I would never be able to network or show my makeup skills without them.