• Meet instructor Linda Wong

    • January 19, 2022
    • Author | Celena Rubin
    Linda Wong
    Photographer: Peter La Rowe

    Linda Wong is one of our prized Art of Makeup School graduates! When she came to The Art of Makeup School she already had experience doing airbrush and special fx makeup for the haunted house industry in Chicago, IL, working alongside Face Off contestants Michael Faust and finalist Evan Hedges. She worked on theatrical performances, commercial adverts, television appearances, full length and local indie films in Chicago, where she also studied Fine Arts. She is a well rounded artist that can paint and draw both on paper and bodies!

    MUAH: Linda Wong,
    Photographer: Crystal McMonnies
    Model: Amy Evans

    As we all know, there is always more to learn. When Linda arrived to Portland she wanted to learn more about makeup artistry, especially beauty and fashion makeup, and become a certified makeup artist, so she went searching and found The Art of Makeup School. In April 2016 Linda graduated from The Master Class program and began seeking jobs as a professional free-lance makeup artist in Portland. With the help of The Art of Makeup job board, she was able to dip her toes in a new market outside of Chicago until she could take off running!

    MUAH: Linda Wong
    Photographer: Irina Negrean
    Model: Teresa Nunez

    While working as a free-lance makeup artist in Portland doing all the things she loves such as theater, film, commercial, runway, and editorial, Linda found a niche in her career that suited her perfectly, and elevated her purpose as a makeup artist. She now focuses on lifting the voices of women, BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ communities. She chooses to work on photo shoots that empower women, building their personal brands and businesses. She also frequently does makeup for boudoir shoots and women over 40. Linda has a reputation for this and is sought after for her nurturing and inspiring persona, and creative skills in airbrush, body painting and beauty for women of color and for mature skin. She is looking forward to upcoming projects with dance companies that include a dance film and Oregon Ballet Theater’s new 2022 brochure.

    MUAH: Linda Wong
    Photographer: Irina Negrean
    Model: JaKarra Danielle

    Linda has been teaching body painting and airbrush makeup as a guest instructor at The Art of Makeup since late 2016. She also often teaches beauty, fashion and theatrical makeup, and when she is available she teaches workshops too!

    Don’t miss out this Feb 19th when Linda teaches our Glow in the Dark UV Body Painting Workshop!

    She’ll demonstrate hand painting techniques with glow in the dark makeup. Students will then get a turn and have their final work photographed under black lights!