• Jennifer Knauss

    • June 18, 2015
    • Author | Celena Rubin
    Jennifer Knauss

    Student: Jennifer Knauss
    Program: Art of Makeup Master Class
    From: Sherwood, OR
    Currently Residing: Portland, OR

    Jennifer Knauss came to The Art of Makeup after leaving cosmetology school when she became discouraged upon discovering there was no focus on makeup. Makeup was what she really wanted to learn and by discovering Art of Makeup she was able to pursue her dream career of becoming a professional makeup artist. Since Jennifer graduated AOM, she has been working non-stop on film features, shorts and web series (you may have even noticed her as an extra on Grimm!). Her strength has become fx makeup! Her resume in just over a year since graduation includes: I’m Sorry Alligator, Daughter of Time, Theft Money Passion, and Future Certain.

    “You are an awesome person Celena! A great mentor, instructor and a friend :). Your school has totally changed my life, and I know now what to do with my future. Thank you for showing me a talent that I never knew I had in me” – Jennifer