Alma Cedillo

Alma is an experienced, bilingual professional makeup artist and hair stylist, who obtained a good portion of her education from learning and working out of Los Angeles. Alma’s training began when she was 17 years old, when her interest in all things beauty sparked her study habits in hairstyling, special effects makeup, and high fashion. She then decided to attend Cinema Makeup School, and graduated in 2010. Alma has been published on countless fashion magazine covers such as Pump Lifestyle, Period, Stunning Beauty, and Hues. Additionally, Alma has an impressive fx resume, including working as an annual zombie makeup artist at Monsterpalooza, and working on-set for multiple films. Alma believes that beauty isn’t just about makeup-it’s about self confidence, individuality, and the desire to embrace your inner beauty, and we couldn’t describe her personal makeup style better than that. Alma’s creativity, dedication, speed, and training has created a unique style at The Art of Makeup, and it’s made her an excellent addition to our team.