• Dreams Do Come True!

    • February 27, 2019
    • Author | Celena Rubin

    There are so many avenues one can take as a makeup artist, that sometimes I am surprised to find out about career paths that never even occurred to me as a makeup artist.  Sometimes, I find out about these career paths from The Art of Makeup School graduates that have landed jobs in these new and different creative careers either related to makeup artistry or on the road to get there.

    Megan Garcia

    One adventurous path that several of my graduates have taken is working at Disney World in Orlando, Florida!  Megan Garcia graduated from The Art of Makeup School one year ago.  While she was attending our program, she was also taking an online program through Arizona State University in hope to get employed at Disney World where she would get to do costuming and makeup. Her goals were set.  While attending makeup school, she took advantage of The Art of Makeup’s on location job opportunities and volunteered to do makeup for the Oregon Ballet Theater’s production of The Nutcracker.  She connected with the head of the makeup department, Sara Beukers, who continued to offer Megan work on other theater productions as well.  Her preparation for Disney World continued as her success in the Portland theater community thrived.

    Alas, she graduated from the Disney World online program, interviewed for a job there, and nailed it!  She now lives in Orlando, working in the costuming department for the parades, events and characters, and has just started doing some hair and makeup too, while still working toward becoming a Disney cosmetologist to do hair and makeup artist for all the characters in the park.  She is very excited to be living her dream!

    By coincidence, another of our student graduates, Emily Carter, also just got a job at Disney World, and is working at the park at the same time as Megan.  Emily got a job at The Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique in Disney Springs as a fairy godmother in training doing prince and princess makeovers for kids and is looking forward to her next venture doing hair and makeup at Disney World. Maybe she’ll transition to grown up characters too!

    Emily Carter
    Emily Carter

    Another graduate, Courtney Lewis, had always dreamed of being a princess at Disney World.  As soon as she graduated high school, she took The Art of Makeup Master Class program, so that she could learn how to do her princess makeup as well as other characters in the park.  As soon as she graduated from The Art of Makeup, she interviewed at Disney World and booked it!  She became Ariel, bringing happiness to thousands of children and herself.

    Dreams really do come true at Disney World!