• Drag Makeup Workshop

    • February 11, 2022
    • Author | Celena Rubin
    These 3 Queens! From left to right Valerie DeVille, Syra St. James and Alexis Campbell Starr

    Hail to the queens who led the way, because they did a spectacular job breaking down the steps to creating truly magical transformations! If you’ve ever been to Darcelle XV drag show night club, then you’ve seen Syra St. James and Alexis Campbell Starr who’s been performing on that stage for 11 years! Valerie DeVille performs all over Portland including the Drag Queen Brunches.

    Your makeup looks terrible!

    Yes makeup is magic and it not only can dramatically alter a person’s appearance, but it can change what you feel inside too! Drag Makeup is fun, it’s silly, and it can be a vacation from one’s self perhaps. A fun vacation that can take you anywhere you want to go! It’s so creative and transformational, you can’t not have fun. So that’s what we did! We served up tons of fun at our recent Drag Makeup Workshop and everyone gobbled it up! Thanks to our 3 queens. And they want to come back! Should we let them? Yasss!!!

    Valerie DeVille step by step

    First our professional drag performers taught students how to apply drag makeup!

    Alexis Campbell Starr showing us how it’s done. It’s a process!

    Then our students applied the makeup to their partner or to themself

    Lor and Jayda

    When students were done, wigs were applied and dresses slipped on. Audience members arrived and the Drag Show began!

    Jayda in action…spoiler alert! Lor’s makeup on Jayda won the makeup competition!
    Ana did Cory’s makeup for the cat walk
    So many people came to see our Drag Runway Show and Makeup Competition!
    Artists and models unite! Some self applications. Every look unique!

    Now for the best part! Everyone loves before and afters. Check out the gallery below to see the transformations up close. Everyone did such an amazing job as you’ll see, and the models really brought each look to life. We had so much fun and we can’t wait to do it again!

    Here is a link to our Drag Makeup & Runway show page in case you would like to see an overview of the class. We will be posting more classes soon!