Out of the Kit FX (Special FX Makeup)

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Out of the Kit FX

30 Clock Hours

Prerequisite: No experience necessary.

Every makeup artist wanting to work in film and television needs basic special fx skills. These skills are also helpful for a variety of specialized projects, such as working with haunted houses or emergency responder training. This class covers these essential special fx makeup techniques that you can create without a lab and right out of your kit, in the makeup trailer or on the set without any preparation time.

Topics covered include:

  • Safety and sanitation
  • Special fx products and tools
  • Creating bruises, cuts, wounds, scars, bullet holes, burns, and tattoos
  • Blood, dirt, and grime
  • Ice and snow fx including frostbite wounds
  • Sickness and death
  • Broken glass
  • Using a variety of products to create different versions of the same wounds
  • Healing progression of wounds
  • Continuity and consistent placement of wounds
  • Safe removal products and techniques

This class is useful for makeup artists interested in:

  • Film and television
  • Moulage makeup: the art of applying mock injuries for the training of emergency response teams, medical staff, and military personnel
  • Theatre
  • Commercials
  • Photo shoots
  • Haunted House Makeup

This class can be taken individually. It’s also a part of the Makeup Artistry Essentials and The Multimedia Master Program certificate programs.


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Tuition and Costs
  • Tuition
  • $595
  • Out of the Kit FX Kit (E)
  • $295
  • More Dates TBA

Course Highlights

  • Each Course available for individual enrollment
  • Each Course includes high res studio pictures from our portrait studio for portfolio building and documentation
  • Certificate of Training issued upon completion of a course

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