• What is a Completion Certificate?

    • February 8, 2016
    • Author | Celena Rubin

    At Art of Makeup, students who successfully complete a full certificate program, receive a Completion Certificate at graduation. What is a Completion Certificate? It is not an esthetic license and it is not a cosmetology license, in fact there is no license available that is specific to makeup artistry, yet a Completion Certificate from Art of Makeup means so much more.

    Art of Makeup is the only licensed school in the entire Pacific Northwest that is exclusively dedicated to train students in a career for professional makeup artistry. The Completion Certificate shows that the student graduated with professional training at a licensed school for makeup artistry. It shows that the student worked hard, took their career seriously, showed up, invested in their career and education, and made whatever sacrifices they needed to make in order to be in school everyday. And believe me, sacrifices have been made. The Completion Certificate stands for ambition, tenacity, reliability, perseverance, and a realized dream that begins at graduation. For some people, the dream has been on hold for years, and some just realized, but that certificate marks the beginning of the adventure of a new path in life.

    With the certificate there are practical perks too. The certificate offers professional and student makeup and supply discounts to many major brand cosmetics, trade shows, and industry magazine subscriptions. It has also helped many of our students gain employment either in retail cosmetic jobs or free-lance makeup jobs. It is proof that you are a trained professional, and you deserve a professional pay rate. It is proof that you went after your goal, you graduated, and you are serious about being a makeup artist. Not only that, but after graduation, when we email out job opportunities to certificate graduates, clients know that my student graduates will show up, do a great job, and will be professional, and I know will represent Art of Makeup in the best way possible.

    Congratulations graduates! You deserve the very best, and you know I am very proud of you! You did it!