• Cirque Du Soleil Kurios

    • September 10, 2017
    • Author | Celena Rubin

    Tuesday night was amazing! Make-Up Artist Magazine Gold Pro Card members were invited to share an evening with Michael Key and his assistant Kayla in the VIP lounge of Cirque Du Soleil before watching the performance up front where we could see the makeup and costumes right up close! During intermission and after the show, we had the great pleasure of meeting the one and only makeup designer for the show, Eleni Uranis! She answered all of our questions about Cirque Du Soleil and her experience and creative process working with the troupes of Cirque Du Soleil for the past 27 years! I asked her how she comes up with such spectacular makeup designs, and her answer was “Let go! Don’t be afraid to do something wrong.” This is what she tells the performers when she teaches them all how to do their own makeup. Once she teaches them, she no longer does the makeup on any of the performers. She is free to design makeup for the next production.

    For the first 14 years working with Cirque Du Soleil she created the spectacular costume designs that you still see on many of the longer running shows that never leave Las Vegas. What creativity and talent this woman has, and how fortunate we are that she shares it with the world, and brings so much awe and happiness to so many that get to experience this visual feast. I think there is a lesson in this. I think all who embody a gift of creative talent, whatever it may be, should share theirs with the world such as Eleni does, or else robbing others of getting to experience it too. Thank you to all who create Cirque Du Soleil, and thank you Eleni for an amazing night!