• How to get a Scholarship

    • December 5, 2020
    • Author | Celena Rubin
    Faith Daniels

    Faith Daniels recently graduated from The Art of Makeup School’s signature and most comprehensive program, The Multimedia Master Program . This program covers everything from the basics of color theory and beauty, to specialized skills such as airbrush, hair styling, character makeup, and special effects.  Because it is our most comprehensive program requiring the most makeup supplies and bringing out of state experts to Portland that specialize in movie makeup, sculpting, mold making and prosthetics, it is the most expensive program for us to be able to offer and for students to take.

    How does one pay for this program?  Faith Daniels received several scholarships that covered $4,000 of the program’s tuition and supply costs.  How did she do it? I wanted to know too! I was so impressed that I interviewed Faith, and then I did some research on my own.  This is how.

    Fashion Final & Photo Shoot Day with model Kayle Blackmore & Photographer Kendra Barber

    Faith had a dream to go to makeup school, but she didn’t have enough money to pay for it.  She is from a very small town in Washington near the border of Canada called Concrete.  The population in Concrete is only 720.  There is only one high school with only 250 people in it, which include grades 7-12th.  Her graduating class had 26.  That’s 26 graduates in the entire town.  What makes this town really stand out though, is what it does for its graduates.  This small town sees outside its boundaries and aspires big dreams and careers for their young career bound graduates about to embark on continuing education, and helps them succeed.  This is what Faith’s high school did for her, and this is where she started her search to fulfill her dream by reaching out for help.

    Local organizations from Concrete school district and throughout the county reached out to the small high school to offer their graduates scholarships. Even some of the teachers chipped in.  The high school had a whole list of potential scholarships available to students who applied and were accepted.  Faith obtained the list and dug in.  She applied to several scholarships. Some were denied, but not all of them.

    Special FX Final & Photo Shoot Day with model Kelli Dougal & Photographer Kate Woodman

    The day of her high school graduation Faith didn’t know if she got even one scholarship. Every year her high school holds an award ceremony on graduation day.  The whole school attends.  Much to her surprise, she was  called up in front of the school four times to receive scholarships from organizations such as the Concrete Fire Department, the Booster Club, and The Rotary Club.  The four scholarships she received and her savings covered all but $100 of the cost of The Art of Makeup School program she wanted to attend.  We were so impressed by her efforts and ambition that we granted her the last $100. Faith packed her bags and moved to Portland.

    What was life like moving far from home to attend school where she didn’t know anyone? Within the first or 2nd week she made solid and lasting friends at The Art of Makeup School.  We’re not surprised, because our students make meaningful friendships every session.  It is something we really enjoy watching unfold.  Faith felt so comfortable with her new life in Portland that she decided to stay. Life is good now and she is happy!

    I did a little more research and found out there’s scholarship resources online.  There’s a website called www.scholarships.com. There is a book called “The Ultimate Scholarship Book 2021”, and another called “Scholarships, Grants & Prizes 2021.”

    Don’t let obstacles stop you from following your dreams.  Keep looking for a way until you achieve what you want in life.  Set your mind on your goals, have confidence in yourself, work hard, and there is a lot you can do and have in this life!

    There is still space in our next program start date. Email us at info@artofmakeup.com for more info or a tour or read more about our programs or apply online.

    Faith Daniels working on her final FX project