• 3 Unexpected Top Paying Careers After MakeUp School

    • September 5, 2018
    • Author | Celena Rubin

    Art of Makeup_3 Unexpected Top Paying Careers After MakeUp School

    Many makeup career paths are industry specific; fashion, film, television, theatrical, and special effects to name a few, but there are specific careers that pay higher than others.

    There is an important distinction that should be made when it comes to careers in makeup and beauty. Makeup artistry is a separate profession outside of cosmetology that requires very different training and comes with a different set of professional goals and opportunities. For example, awards given for the makeup artistry profession in the entertainment industry include the Academy Awards, Emmy Awards, and the Golden Globes for Best Makeup. Cosmetology and esthetic schools provide little to no makeup training. Cosmetology school graduates might work in salon, skin care, and medical spa environments. Some makeup school graduates use social media not only to promote themselves, but as another outlet to express their creativity while giving helpful makeup tips and recommendations to other artists and people who love products and makeup!


    We mentioned this last week in our article From Makeup School to YouTube Celebrity. It still tops the list as the popularity of these videos does not seem to have a ceiling. Every day of the week a makeup vlogger makes YouTube’s Top Trending List. If you are looking for inspiration check out channels from some of the most notable vloggers. One of my favorites is Lisa Eldrige, who is also currently the global creative director of Lancôme, and author of New York Times best seller, Face Paint: The Story of Makeup. She is a huge celebrity and fashion makeup artist, yet she finds time to do YouTube tutorials with amazing guest models! She has close to 2 million subscribers. Jaclyn Hill has over 5 million viewers and has partnered with Morphe Cosmetics and Becca, and Jeffree Star has over 10 million subscribers and started his own cosmetic line! Both of those artists fetch millions of views per episode.


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    This is another career that can really take off thanks to reviews and sponsorships. If you are already into different products and makeup kits, you might already follow a blogger or online magazine. This is a career that also requires technical and creative skills as a writer. With new makeup lines trying to establish themselves every day, there is a shortage of reviewers and writers to help promote their products. Once you build your brand and become a trusted voice amongst your readers you will have sponsors sending you products to review. I like www.cybelesays.com.



    This one is not for everybody, but if you have a great personality and can be flexible with your time, this path might be for you. As a celebrity makeup artist you are on demand and may have to travel; the pay compensates for the extra time and extra stress that comes with the job. If you are the type that thrives on adrenaline and loves to be challenged, you could have a rewarding and exciting career as a celebrity makeup artist.

    For more on being a celebrity makeup artist, read When Celebrities Call.

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    Whichever career path you choose, graduates will leave The Art of Makeup School with a competitive advantage as they enter into the career market of professional makeup artistry.

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