• The Simple Life

    • September 18, 2012
    • Author | Celena Rubin

       The other day I had a test shoot out on Sauvie Island, the outskirts of Portland where the farms are, where you can pick your own berries in the summertime, swim in the river, and get lost in the corn mazes at Halloween time. It’s not even that far of a drive, so I hadn’t imagined it would be much different from the city itself. I was wrong.
        When I arrived to the shoot location, I nearly passed the unmarked dirt driveway. Fortunately a truck pulled in at the same time as I did with an unnaturally handsome boy peeking out the window. “Is this where the shoot is?” I asked.
        “Yes,” he answered with a dazzling smile. It was pretty evident. I followed his dusty path down the road and parked my car as the beginning of what felt like an oddly voyeuristic day began. He slammed his car door and swiftly strode into the arms of the bikini clad model that awaited him near his truck. They embraced for what seemed to be an enormous amount of time.
       “Hi!” I brightly smiled at the two of them. “Where should I set up?”  The gorgeous specimen of a male pointed to some kind of habitat. Whatever it was, it certainly wasn’t kept up.


        “You can set up in here,” he said. “It’s not fancy, but this is where I live.”  Wow, I thought. This is new. Ok.
        So that was my first impression. I wasn’t too impressed I should say, but things grow on you.  As the day went on, I awkwardly watched this sexy young equally hard bodied couple pretty much makeout with each other, because that was the theme of the shoot, for about four hours straight.  They rode his motorcycle, played along the river and smeared berries on each other. I watched the sun set over the river, and I thought…you know what, if I were young, beautiful, lived on a farm on a river, and had a muscly model boyfriend, I wouldn’t mind a bit about living in a tiny trailer with no belongings. Ah, the simple life!