• Student Success Story: Sarah Bradshaw

    • October 27, 2021
    • Author | Celena Rubin
    Sarah Bradshaw

    Sarah Bradshaw moved to Lincoln City, OR almost 10 years ago from Elmhurst, IL.  Before moving across country though, her adventurous spirit first led her to the Navy at the age of 17. She wanted to see the world and she did! The Navy brought her to many places around the world which included Croatia, Greece, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Portugal, France, Korea, and Dubai! It allowed her to see the world, pay for college and beauty school. She knew from the very beginning she was not cut out for any type of ordinary life or ordinary job, but it wasn’t until her mid-twenties that she found makeup artistry to be the path that she was looking for.

    Sarah always loved making people feel beautiful.  She loves making people smile and feel good even when life isn’t easy, and loves being creative. What career includes beauty, creativity, and adventure?  Makeup artistry of course.  She searched online for makeup schools until she came across The Art of Makeup. “I had an overwhelming feeling that you were the perfect fit for me!” Sarah exclaimed.  She was also the perfect fit for us.

    In 2014, Sarah attended and graduated our 7-week Master Class program.  Not only is Sarah gorgeous on the outside, but her personality is just as beautiful–she kept everyone smiling and laughing every day. It’s no surprise that her career took off immediately, and she is now the owner of a successful beauty salon in Lincoln City called Crave Beauty Bar.

    Starting a business is no easy feat though.  Fortunately, she had already
    built up a strong clientele who were loyal to her.  When she opened her new salon with her business partner Cassie York, they followed her there.  They offer lash extensions, makeup, haircuts and color, tanning and teeth whitening, services offered by 5 technicians. They have now owned the salon for a year and a half and are already planning their next business venture, in addition to the salon.

    Sarah Bradshaw Crave Beauty Bar

    The Art of Makeup graduate job board helped connect Sarah to start working and connecting to the makeup industry before she took off on her own. Just after graduating from The Art of Makeup, Sarah was hired to work on a pilot series called Runestone. She collaborated with other graduates and an AoM instructor that were also working on it. 

    Sarah Bradshaw

    AoM graduates often find themselves on projects with other AoM graduates and instructors, which always feels great to be part of a community of similarly trained artists that feel confident about their teams. It was a great project to work on that was conveniently shot at the coast and included cast member Robert Blanche from Grimm and Frank Collison from The Village.  She worked on numerous short films and plays, including one with cast member Ajiona Alexus from 13 Reasons Why.  Now social media is what helps her to get work.

    Although Sarah loves working on film, she doesn’t love having to travel as much anymore.  She enjoys her family life and being close to home.  Sarah’s main income as a makeup artist now comes from working weddings, which the Oregon Coast is perfect for. She also enjoys doing lash extensions at her salon.

    Sarah is so busy now that she can’t handle all the inquiries she’s receiving for wedding makeup.  She is currently working on starting up another business and hiring other artists that will be working for her.  The Art of Makeup is excited for her, and to have another resource to get graduates working in this community we’ve created. Anyone would be lucky to get to work with Sarah.  We can’t wait to hear about this next success story!