• Safe at School During COVID-19

    • August 7, 2020
    • Author | Celena Rubin

    It may look like a scene from a post apocalyptic world, but it’s not. It is a world wide pandemic though, and just another day of school at The Art of Makeup.  Never would we have imagined that in our lifetime this scenario would be taken from Hollywood screens and replaced with real life. Welcome to 2020.

    Ciera Cannon & Jackie Lininger during their Fashion Shoot final

    Like everyone else, we closed our doors and hunkered down into quarantine on March 23rd.  At the time, we thought we would be back in session in just a couple of weeks.  We waited for the storm to subside, but sure enough the pandemic only got worse.  We knew the only way for us to move forward and survive was to adapt and change. We learned new technology, and our instructors created well lit home studios where we could all teach virtually until further notice.  This new opportunity inspired invitations to incredible guest artists from other states to also join us on Zoom.  We had a class of students eager to learn and anxious to get started no matter what the circumstances, and we truly made the best of it.  Keeping busy during this time was also a lifeline for everyone involved.

    4 weeks of makeup and hair styling classes on Zoom

    We held classes on Zoom for 4 weeks, but as soon as we were given the green light to resume business we jumped at the chance to get together in person.  We prepared for it.  We stocked our classroom with masks, gloves, face shields, a thermometer, and lots of disinfectant.

    Now that we are together, we disinfect door knobs, light switches, sink handles, and every other touchable surface on a daily basis.  We limited our class size number to abide by social distancing regulations of keeping at least six feet apart.  Students must get their temperature taken and immediately wash their hands upon entry.  They also wash their hands right before applying makeup and right after.  Students must wear face masks inside the classroom unless getting makeup applied, but their partner must wear a mask and shield or goggles when applying makeup. Students are assigned same chairs and stations for the entire term.  All surfaces of makeup supplies and brushes, including handles must be disinfected after each use and kept separate from clean items before disinfecting.

    Some things were an adjustment, but now it’s just what we do.

    As we continue to push forward in person, we do so with utmost safety and precaution not only for ourselves, but for everyone around us.  We keep our heads high and we look forward to our future without skipping a beat.  We have all survived other obstacles, and we will survive this one too.  We know together we are strong!

    Take a look at what we are doing to stay protected and safe while we continue on this journey of doing what we love, and making our lives the best they can be.  We look forward to an incredible future because of it!

    We still have a couple spots open for our fall programs beginning Sept 8th! Find out more about them here: Programs . We offer virtual or in person tours of our facility and are also available to answer calls and emails. info@artofmakeup.com 503-244-1558