• The Nutcracker at The Keller

    • February 6, 2017
    • Author | Celena Rubin
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    For the last four years, since I opened the Art of Makeup School, I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to share with my students my love of theatre makeup by offering the opportunity to work on a very professional production of The Nutcracker ballet at the gorgeous and large theater, The Keller Auditorium. I majored in theater in both high school and in college where I first learned the art of theatre makeup and immediately loved it. That experience is what interested me to explore all different mediums of makeup and paths of the artistry, but there is nothing like live theatre. There is the thrill of being backstage with a live audience and hearing the laughter, the applause and even the silence while the audience is captivated by the magic. All of course happening in a strict time frame to keep the performance running smoothly.

    This year the Art of Makeup was asked to fill all of the volunteer spots for the run of the show. I was able to share the experience with many students, and from the feedback they gave me, I think it was a success! I asked them what their experience was, and this is what a few of them told me…

    “The Nutcracker was a great experience, I was nervous when I arrived (and a bit while I was working on the kids) but the ladies were extremely helpful and I quickly got comfortable and confident over time. Overall I had a great time and I’ll be volunteering more on future productions!”


    “The experience was very incredible.  I have a personal connection to The Nutcracker so being able to have the opportunity to help with the production was a blessing and probably one of the most special experiences I have ever had.  Diane and Kay were especially kind and had many words of wisdom for someone who has never done this work before.  I very much hope I have the opportunity to help again next year.”



    “The Nutcracker was a great theatrical experience. The last opera I volunteered for was a much smaller production. I enjoyed the fast pace, how organized each department was, and Diane, Kate and Kay were very thorough with instructions and helpful tips…” 


    “I had a blast. The ladies were terrific and it was great stage experience! The kids were so well behaved and polite. I connected with Kate, Kay, and Diane on Facebook and Kate said I could contact her with questions and if I try and join the union she can put it a good word. “


    “It was awesome! I love working in theater and it was so cool to be a part of such a professional squad – Diane, Kate and Kay are so experienced and helpful. You definitely feel a different energy when you are working behind the scenes at a theater vs a shoot or film set- it’s really fun to be a part of a live show that only happens once. I was so impressed with how professional all the kids were and the makeup looks were straight forward but also really fun to do. Overall a great learning experience and would love to go back!”