• Student Success Story: Rebekah Ben-lesau

    • August 3, 2021
    • Author | Celena Rubin
    Rebekah Ben-lesau

    Makeup is something Rebekah has always enjoyed.  When she was little she played with whatever makeup she could get her hands on before she even knew the possibility of making it a career.  As she grew older she heard about cosmetology school, but didn’t have any interest in cutting hair.  It wasn’t until 10 years ago that she discovered makeup artistry could be a career, and within a couple of years she pursued her passion.  She started doing her friends’ makeup for their weddings and special events before she had any training, but knew she wanted an education.  After googling makeup schools in a variety of cities, she found The Art of Makeup in Portland.  Portland seemed like a great place to live, so she went for it.

    Rebekah grew up in Eureka, CA where her family still resides, but has an aunt in Portland where she was able to stay while she attended The Art of Makeup and settled into Portland.  After graduating almost 2 years ago in October 2019, things started taking off right away with her career. Then the pandemic hit! Her new career had to be put on hold soon after graduating, but now that production and shoots have picked up again, she’s taking off!

    One of her favorite photographers that she regularly works with is New York photographer Steven Patenaude currently located in Portland. Steven was referred to her by another student in her class at AoM.  She has done numerous fashion shoots with him, including 3 published stories in hard copy and online magazines, including Platformme, Rain, and Mission Magazine.  Steven’s career is also quickly taking off. Major brands have recently been contacting him for shoots, and fortunately, Rebekah is his number one go to makeup artist. That team is about to explode!

    What is Rebekah’s niche style as a makeup artist?  She is really good at creating flawless looking skin and no makeup clean looks.  She likes subtle creativity, choosing a pop of color or finding that unique something that makes the look stand out.

    What are some tips? Less is more. Start simple. It’s easier to build than remove. She loves dewy, glowy, healthy looking skin.  She almost never uses powder.  She implements her color mixing skills she learned at AoM to match skin tones perfectly.

    What is on Rebekah’s career path? She hopes to work fashion week in NY, Paris, and London.  “Working on a high energy runway show would be a dream come true!” Rebekah says.  I know she will get there, and we can’t wait to hear about it! See more of Rebekah’s work @alienbeautymua